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Team inAMUZ


(from left to right)

Jan & Bart are not only experienced technicians, but also brothers who share a passion for music. Both together and individually, they have years of experience in accompanying countless productions and events. You can count on them to provide you with expert advice and assistance. Thanks to their unique perspective, no question is too crazy for them.

Sarah knows the world of music and theatre like no other and has a talent for bringing people together. With a warm heart and a lot of empathy, she will work with you to achieve the perfect experience at your event.

Evelyne is responsible for the general coordination of room hire and is therefore your first point of contact if you wish to organise something at AMUZ. Not only is she quick on the ball on the tennis court, she is also the ideal person to help shape your event at AMUZ. She will guide you from A to Z with her keen eye for detail.