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What are the room rental prices at AMUZ?

If you are interested in renting one of our rooms, we are happy to make you a tailor-made offer. A quote is drawn up on the basis of the client’s specific requests. It is therefore not desirable to provide a list of standard prices. Please feel free to contact us for more information. You can do so via zaalhuur@amuz.be or call us on the number +32 3 292 36 84.

Which technical facilities are included in the room hire price and which are not?

When renting one of our rooms, our eight-hour technical support package is included. We provide basic lighting and sound amplification, and a member of our technical team will be on standby during your event. Our technician will make sure that all necessary equipment is in place and working correctly. If you would like the technician to help make substantial technical decisions regarding your event, this can be discussed in advance. Please take extra costs into account.

If you rent our venue, the technical equipment available can be used (such as conference chairs, microphones, projector, projection screen, etc) and the appropriate lighting will be provided. However, anything categorised under decoration and mood lighting must be discussed well in advance. This may also involve extra costs.

Can I organise a private party at AMUZ?

It is possible to hire the concert hall at AMUZ for a seated ceremony, such as weddings or funerals. The small rooms (like the foyer) can be booked for lunches, receptions and dinners. Dance parties and DJ events are never permitted at AMUZ.

Are dancing parties or DJs allowed at AMUZ?

Due to the historical value of the building, the halls of AMUZ are unfortunately not suitable for dance parties and DJs are strictly forbidden. If you are interested in renting our rooms for a lunch, reception or dinner whereby you would like to enjoy music; it is possible to hire a (semi-) acoustic ensemble or to use your own background music. The sound standard we would like to use is 95 dB @ leq 15 min .

Can I have my own caterer organise the catering during my event?

AMUZ works together with a number of external caterers who are familiar with the locations and are guaranteed to organise high-quality catering for your event. It is highly recommended to choose one of these caterers for your event, but if you wish, it is possible to have your own caterer. You will then have to pay a supplement to the room hire price. For more information about our regular caterers, you can always contact us via zaalhuur@amuz.be or by phone +32 3 292 36 84.

Is there parking at AMUZ?

Unfortunately, AMUZ does not have a private car park, but you can find several underground car parks within a very short walking distance of our venue. For more information, please consult the accessibility page on our website.

Is AMUZ easy to get to on public transport?

Due to its location in the centre of Antwerp, AMUZ is very easy to access via public transport. For more information, please refer to the accessibility details page.

Until what time can AMUZ be hired?

The halls at AMUZ can be hired until midnight. If additional hours are needed for the technicians to dismantle or the caterers to finish, then these hours will be invoiced at a rate communicated beforehand.

Can you change the temperature in the church?

The temperature in the main hall (church) of AMUZ cannot be changed. In order to ensure optimal conservation of the restored paintings, wood carving, etc, the temperature and humidity of AMUZ are kept constant at 21°C and 55%, respectively. It is neither allowed, nor possible to adjust this.

Is WIFI available in the rooms at AMUZ?

AMUZ has a basic WIFI network in all rooms. If you are relying on a strong WIFI signal for your event, an external partner will have to be called in. Please make the necessary arrangements with us in good time.

Are plans for the various rooms available?

For a standard setup of our concert hall: see hall plan-standard (zaalplan-standaard).

Is it possible to publish our event on the inAMUZ website?

If you are organising a concert or another cultural event that is open to the public, we would be happy to include this event on our online calendar. If so, please provide us with two high-resolution photos (preferably in colour) and one of which is landscape, accompanied with a short description of the activity. If applicable, please also include the concert programme and the performers.

Is it possible to sell tickets for our performance via AMUZ?

AMUZ can organise ticket sales for your performance. For more information, please visit the ticket service page of our website.

Is it possible to dim the lighting in the main concert hall?

Thanks to the acoustic panels fitted in front of all the stained glass windows of the church, it is possible to completely darken the concert hall. As well as a dimming function, the panels also have an effect on the reverberation in the hall. Therefore, both instrumental and vocal music can be performed in the best possible conditions.

Any further questions?