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AMUZ has a fully equipped foyer where your guests can enjoy a drink before or after an event. We are happy to provide you with more information about this option. Feel free to contact us via zaalhuur@amuz.be or +32 (0)3 292 36 84.

For the catering of your event, we work together with a number of preferred caterers with a variety of offers.

Our caterers will take care of your event with utmost dedication. This ensures that you can sit back and relax, enjoy without worry or network with your guests in a festive atmosphere. In addition to high quality catering at your reception, walking dinner, dinner, coffee break or quick lunch, the caterers will ensure that all events, both big and small (up to 500 persons), will have the desired outcome.

There is sufficient variety within the range of our preferred caterers. You are sure to find something to your taste. Please contact the caterer(s) of your choice to discuss your wishes and needs.


“Silverspoon organises your event with the utmost dedication! Organising a party that perfectly suits the character and wishes of the customer is a big challenge. This is the ultimate goal of a Silverspoon celebration. The secret to a wonderful party is not in the budget, but a perfect balance of location, theme, decoration, choice of materials and the menu. Striving for perfection and incorporating elements of surprise adds so much more to the ambiance.”

www.silverspoon.be | info@silverspoon.be | tel. 0473 28 21 24


Salons Schoeters

“A stylish reception with exquisite snacks. A chic dinner with cloches and silver cutlery. These are just a few of the many parties and events of which this website displays atmospheric images of. They are all very different from one another; yet every party bears the recognisable signature of Salons Schoeters.”

www.salonsschoeters.be | info@salonsschoeters.be | tel. 03 239 01 67



“Do you find that a stylish and successful party always starts with delicious food? In that case, Amalthea catering services is the perfect partner for you. Tell us what you like, classic and keen on luxury or perhaps a homely atmosphere. Thanks to our years of catering experience, we can organise your private, or company experience entirely tailored to your needs.

www.amalthea.be | info@amalthea.be | tel. 03 353 91 12


Catering Van Eyck

Surprise yourself … Whether you are expecting a few dozen or over 5000 guests, Catering Van Eyck adds an element of surprise to your event. Private or business. Walking dinner or a cosy evening dining. We fulfil each occasion with high quality catering, each time enriched with surprising and playful touches.”

www.cateringvaneyck.be | contact@cateringvaneyck.be | tel. 03 380 06 30