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The soundproof design of the St. Augustine Church makes CD, radio and TV recordings possible in the heart of Antwerp. Soundproof windows are installed along the outside of the church. These consist of a metal window frame that follows the perimeter of the original alcoves. It contains a very thick, laminated glass sheet with a special acoustic foil. Noise from outside traffic is guaranteed to be kept out of the concert hall. To further optimise the acoustics, electric roller blinds are fitted on the inside of the stained-glass windows in the church. These allow the acoustic properties of the concert hall to be altered when required, as well as ensuring that the concert hall can be darkened. inAMUZ has its own control room, which is separate from the concert hall, causing no interference. All the arrangements for a recording can be made here.

Below is a selection of the artists, ensembles and production groups who have made a recording at AMUZ:

* Vier op ’n rij – Flanders Recorder Quartet
* Les Muffatti
* il Gardellino
* La Petite Bande
* Claire Chevallier
* Christianne Stotijn
* Revue Blanche
* Pianoduo Mephisto
* Bart Coen
* productiehuis Caviar (Vele hemels boven de zevende)
* Fobic Films
* MotorMusic
* VRT televisie en radio