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Old foyer – 82 m²

The 19th century chapel of Our Lady, decorated with murals in neo-byzantine style, is AMUZ’s very special foyer. It is the perfect location for activities that require a more intimate atmosphere, such as receptions or walking dinners. Lectures and presentations are also perfectly suited to this location. AMUZ’s kitchen connects to the foyer. If you wish to provide catering, you can contact one of the companies with whom AMUZ regularly collaborates with or choose a caterer yourself.

Setup capacity
Theatre seating: 80 persons
Meeting: 40 persons
Sitting at tables: 60 persons
Reception area: 150 persons


New foyer – 68 m²

The old foyer was extended with a modern annex, the new foyer, in which activities such as lectures and presentations can take place. Of course, it is also possible to use this extension as extra space for receptions and dinners. For example, larger groups can use the entire foyer in combination with the large hall.

Setup capacity
Theatre seating: 80 persons
Meeting: 30 persons
Sitting at tables: 50 persons
Reception area: 100 persons