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Large hall


The large hall/ concert hall of AMUZ is located in the beautiful 17th century church. The building has been renovated with great care to maintain its artistic and historical values. The baroque interior exudes the grandeur of the past. In order to function as a concert hall, the old church has been subtly adapted to the modern requirements of a professional concert hall, which also has unsurpassed acoustics. As well as concerts and recordings, our great concert hall is suitable for other diverse purposes. For example, exclusive receptions and dinners or seminars. Below you will get an idea of the capacity of our great hall. To calculate the number of m² you require, please click here.

Room setups and stages


In its standard configuration, AMUZ’s concert hall has a seating capacity of 391 persons. In the first category with optimum visibility are 314 seats and then 77 seats in the second category, which has limited visibility. The seats are not anchored to the concert hall floor, which makes alternative seating arrangements possible. A flexible stage and a total of 499 seats can be set up in the concert hall if required. The fixed stage measures 8,65 x 8,95 m and can be extended at the front and rear. If you opt for a flexible stage setup, the fixed stage can be made accessible to the public. Do you need a specific construction? Please don’t hesitate to consult our technicians. They will be happy to outline the possibilities for you. On the main stage there is always a projector and a screen that can be used for PowerPoint presentations or presentations with images..

Setup Capacity
Theatre seating (standard): 391 persons
Meeting: 200 persons
Sitting at tables: 250 persons
Reception area: 500 persons